GFW is a Community of Fisherman Seeking Adventure and looking to build lasting friendships along the way.

What is Guys Fishing Weekend, you ask?

It’s the ultimate community for men who are passionate about fly fishing and are eager to find their fishing buddies and reel friends (pun absolutely intended). Focused on the adventure of fishing as well as the pursuit of deep and meaningful friendships.

In a nutshell, Guys Fishing Weekend is where fishing enthusiasts, adventurers, and friendship seekers unite to share the joy of fishing and create lasting memories. If that sounds like your cup of fish, dive right in!


Who is this for...

Guys Fishing Weekend is the perfect haven for fishing enthusiasts of all levels seeking camaraderie, adventure, and knowledge. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a novice, our community welcomes you to explore new fishing horizons, connect with like-minded souls, and enjoy exclusive perks. If fishing and forming meaningful friendships are your goals, you’ve found your angling tribe.

....and who it ain't.

If you’re not a fan of fishing, prefer solitude on your fishing trips, or shy away from adventures, Guys Fishing Weekend might not align with your interests. This community thrives on the love of fishing, social connections, and exploration, so if those aren’t your priorities, it might be best to cast your net elsewhere.


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