Keep Fish Wet promotes the use of science-based best practices to catch, handle, and release fish.

Science shows that even small changes in how an angler catches, handles, and releases a fish can have positive outcomes once that fish swims away. Not only does using best practices increase survival rates of fish, but it also helps fish return to their normal behavior as quickly as possible after release. Using best practices for catch-and-release is a quick and effective way to put conservation in to practice.

Adopting science-based best practices is a personal evolution and work in progress for all of us — especially as the science continues to advance as well.

Our goal is to create a supportive community for learning and sharing best practices for catch-and-release. We do not support finger pointing or shaming. Keep Fish Wet is not opposed to the lawful harvest of fish. We also acknowledge that even when we ‘catch and keep’, we often return some fish to the water (due to size limits, closed seasons, etc.) and therefore practice catch-and-release. Keep Fish Wet best practices can be applied to any type of fishing in any type of water anywhere in the world.

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