Robb Gneiser – Burro Racing, Life Beyond Work, Benefits of GFW, and more (Ep. 9)

“Yeah, my kids came home from school one day and they said, Dad, you speak in Onomatopoeia. I said, watch your mouth. What did you just call me?”

– Robb Gneiser

This week, Ed and Reid test their interview skills on one of their favorite GFW members, Robb Gneiser. Kicking off with a casual chat about the joys of retirement and the ups and downs of running training, our dynamic duo even consider participating in a Burro Race (Racing Donkeys? Now that’s something we’d love to see!). In between the laughter, they take a moment to reflect on the unforgettable times they’ve had on Guys Fishing Weekend, underlining the importance of trust and vulnerability in their camaraderie. Overflowing with gratitude for the unbreakable bond they’ve developed and the chance to grow together, the conversation is peppered with themes of friendship, bonding, and the sheer joy of being outdoors, especially when there’s fishing involved! They delve into the importance of staying genuine and present in their interactions, highlighting how shared experiences and cherished memories can tighten their bonds. The guys also discuss the invaluable role of teaching and passing on what they’ve learned, not just about fishing, but about life too. Wrapping up this heartwarming chat, they take a moment to reflect on some of their favorite memories on their GFW.


  • Participating in unique and challenging activities, such as a burro race, can be a fun way to bond with friends.
  • The Guys Fishing Weekend has provided a space for trust, vulnerability, and deep friendship to develop over the years.
  • Being present and authentic in relationships is key to maintaining strong bonds.
  • Shared experiences and memories create lasting connections.
  • Teaching and passing on knowledge, whether in fishing or in life, is a valuable way to connect with others.
  • Retirement brings new challenges and opportunities for personal growth.
  • Surrounding oneself with people who challenge and inspire can lead to personal and professional development.

The Guys Fishing Weekly is a podcast dedicated to the camaraderie of men through fishing. Hosted by Ed and Reid, it’s where men gather to share not just the thrill of the catch but the deeper connections forged on the water. Each episode dives into stories, tips, and interviews that celebrate the bonds between fishermen. From tales of early morning casts to arguing about the size of the one that got away, it’s a space for men to connect over shared passions and experiences. Whether you’re an experienced angler or just starting, here’s where you find your crew, united by the love of fishing.

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