Reid Auger

The “Knowledgeable” Fisherman

The concept of knowledge has long been a topic for debate. Those who have taken a Philosophy class are familiar with the intense discussions among philosophers, each striving to outsmart their peers. This intellectual pursuit continues to this day, from academic settings to corporate boardrooms, and even among outdoor enthusiasts. Consider a fly-fisherman, always trying […]

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Embracing True Friendship

As seen in our October 19, 2023 Newsletter – Subscribe Here I am lucky to call many people friends. It comes easier to me because of my extroverted tendencies. Management of relationships can get difficult. But for a lot of people, especially men, managing friendships is a chore. Perhaps it brings anxiety because they were never taught how

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There’s something they never tell you about when you become a parent. And even if they did, you can’t understand it’s full affect until you experience it. It’s the time when your child leaves the nest. Whether it comes because they are off to college or off to work a job in another state, it

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A Different Mindset

Change is hard. It seems that every where in my life, change is a difficult path. You hear the phrase all the time, “Nobody likes change.” We get comfortable in our daily routines and the ways we run our lives. This seems to bring a feeling of calm, knowing what to accomplish and what to

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A Busy Day on the River

As featured in our August 17, 2023 Newsletter – Subscribe Here It was early spring time, with runoff just underway making the local rivers higher than normal, but not unfishable yet. This time of year can be a blast, as it affords you the opportunity to get into some great fish on streamers. Most fisherman

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It’s a term used to describe an intense craving, for a drug in its origins. Most people are familiar with it. Being a teacher, I still hear in all kinds of contexts from my middle school students, and I used to say it often growing up in South Florida. So it has stood the test

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