Fly Fishing Collaborative

Fly Fishing Collaborative (FFC) exist to use our passion for fly fishing for a good and just cause. FFC formed to mobilize the world’s fly fishing and outdoor community to use the skills we have to provide women and children the protection and healing they need from the injustice of human trafficking.

According to United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), human trafficking is the world’s third largest enterprise after drugs and weapons. Over 2 million children are affected annually and studies show that children caught in human trafficking are victimized by 100-1500 perpetrators each year!

The money we raise at our local fly fishing events, the selling of our FFC branded products, and through your generous giving is used to build sustainable Aquaponic Farms which provide resources to women and children who would otherwise become currency, literally needing to sell themselves as a livelihood, in a broken world.

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