How to be a Better Fishing Buddy, Mother’s Day, and Reid is Scared of Snakes (Ep. 12)

“My mom is living a life that is so full and exciting and she keeps making it more and more awesome. I’m always just blown away by what she’s pulled off and what she continues to pull off. I’m always just amazed by the story she’s able to create and the journey she’s gone on.”

– Ed Beck

This week, Reid and Ed talk about the adventures that ensued during their trip to the Arkansas River outside of Nathrop, CO last week. They’ll also be discussing Five Things you can do to be a Better Fishing Buddy in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month. They’ll touch on the topic of 10% – 80% – 10% and how it can help you navigate the lows and truly appreciate the highs of the year. As a sweet finish to the episode, they’ll be celebrating Mother’s Day by sharing the things they admire most about their wonderful mothers.


  • The adventures and conversations on a GFW are the best part
  • Tips for being a better fishing buddy:
  • 1. Help Them Celebrate Their Wins
  • 2. Check in Regularly
  • 3. Listen to What They’re Navigating
  • 4. Encourage Professional Help
  • 5. Invite them to go Fishing
  • Make sure to show your mothers that you love them!

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The Guys Fishing Weekly is a podcast dedicated to the camaraderie of men through fishing. Hosted by Ed and Reid, it’s where men gather to share not just the thrill of the catch but the deeper connections forged on the water. Each episode dives into stories, tips, and interviews that celebrate the bonds between fishermen. From tales of early morning casts to arguing about the size of the one that got away, it’s a space for men to connect over shared passions and experiences. Whether you’re an experienced angler or just starting, here’s where you find your crew, united by the love of fishing.

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