Garrett Lesko – Fly Tying, Oregon Fishing, and 6/0 Bird Flies (Ep. 19)

“I’ve always been the resource that I’ve wanted. I’ve always wanted someone to be very cut and dry about what works and what doesn’t. This is what works. This is what hasn’t worked for me. This is where I’ve gone. I’m very much one of those guys who’s not a secret fishing location guy, unless I get it from somebody else. And they specifically tell me, don’t tell.”

– Garrett Lesko

Garrett Lesko

Oregon Fly Tying

Connect: Website | Instagram

This week, Reid and Ed talk with FFI Fly Tyer of the Year, Garrett Lesko of Oregon Fly Tying. Garrett is an expert in fly tying and fly fishing, having forgotten more about the sport than the Guys know. He educates the Guys on the diverse fishing opportunities in Oregon, fly tying, fishing off the jetty, and shares his opinions on the industry’s trajectory.

They discuss Oregon Fly Tying, a website run by Garrett and his friend/mentor, Garren Wood. The conversation highlights the importance of clubs and community involvement in fly fishing, as well as the art and science of fly tying. Together, they plan an incredible trip through Oregon that would make most bucket lists cry, and even share a delicious sandwich shop recommendation. Garrett also emphasizes the importance of choosing the right community and bringing new people into the sport. Overall, Garrett’s passion for fishing and dedication to fly tying shine through in the conversation. Don’t miss out on our fishiest episode yet!


  • Oregon has an insane amount of fishing opportunities and species diversity, with every type of fishing including rivers, lakes and ocean.
  • Clubs and community involvement are important in the fly fishing community.
  • Fly tying combines art and science, allowing for creativity and innovation.
  • Choosing the right community and bringing new people into the sport is important for its growth and sustainability.

Links Noted in the Show:

Giant Trevally Eating Birds – (YouTube)

Oregon Fly Tying (@oregonflytying)

Tightline Productions (Tim Flagler) (Instagram)

Fly Fish Food (Curtis Fry) (Instagram)

Caddis Fly Shop (Eugene) (Website | Instagram)

Northwest Fly Tying and Fly Fishing Expo (Website | Facebook)

Fly Fishers International (FFI) (Instagram)

Oregon Saltwater Fly Fishing (Facebook Group)

Fly Fishers Place – Sisters, OR (Website | Instagram)

Sisters Meat and Smokehouse (Website | Instagram)

Pat Cohen

Elbow Droppers – Salem, OR

Fishing Locations Mentioned:

Diamond Lake

Odell Lake (outside Eugene)

East Lake

Three Creeks Lake

Clear Lake

Columbia River

Fraser River

Rogue River

Metolius River

Deschutes River

South Santium River

Willamette River

McKenzie River

Nestucca River

Nahalem River

Alsea River

Siletz River

Big Elk River

Calapooia River

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