What Happens Around the Campfire, Stays Around the Campfire (Ep. 4)

“While each campfire chat brings its own authentic experience, the one thing they have in common seems to be the strengthening bond with family and friends every time you throw water on it and walk away.”

– Reid Auger

This week, after a recent fishing/camping trip, Ed and Reid got to talking about how awesome campfire chats are and all the cool stuff that makes them so special. They chatted about give and take, really hearing each other out, the power of a good piece of advice, and just letting your guard down. They also talked about the magic of a campfire and how it pulls deep chats out of people and tightens friendships. They ended things by saying how important it is to soak up the moments you share with your favorite people.


  • Campfire chats are like the best thing ever for having real talks and bonding.
  • It’s all about give and take in relationships where everyone can put in their two cents and get some support.
  • Remember to actually listen! It’s a skill we often forget but it’s super important for real talks.
  • Advice is like gold, but remember to give it from the heart and really mean it.
  • Being open, ready to give not just take, and being there in the moment is how you make those deep connections.

The Guys Fishing Weekly is a podcast dedicated to the camaraderie of men through fishing. Hosted by Ed and Reid, it’s where men gather to share not just the thrill of the catch but the deeper connections forged on the water. Each episode dives into stories, tips, and interviews that celebrate the bonds between fishermen. From tales of early morning casts to arguing about the size of the one that got away, it’s a space for men to connect over shared passions and experiences. Whether you’re an experienced angler or just starting, here’s where you find your crew, united by the love of fishing.

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