The Life Road Map, Bushwhacking and “The River Why” (Ep. 7)

“Fill your life with great verbs. That will surround you with the right nouns. Do that and you will live a life that merits the best adjectives.”

– Coach Bennett

In this week’s conversation, Ed and Reid discuss a number of topics they have come across that have provided value to them. They discuss a road map on how to live a great life, stories of bushwhacking to find fish and a favorite book, “The River Why”. They also explore the idea of having a personal conversational resume. A wide-ranging conversation with each other, with plenty of laughs along the way.


  • The Seasons of Life: Finding time for hobbies and adventures can be challenging but important for personal fulfillment.
  • Bushwhacking, or exploring off-trail to find secluded fishing spots, can lead to memorable and rewarding experiences.
  • Outdoor activities and shared adventures can deepen friendships and provide a sense of solitude and authenticity.
  • Small talk is an important stage in the connection process and can lead to meaningful conversations.
  • Creating a conversational resume with a list of topics can help in small talk and personal identity.
  • Culture plays a significant role in our lives and relationships, and it is important to create a positive and welcoming culture.
  • The book ‘The River Why’ by David James Duncan is a coming-of-age story that explores the search for meaning and the value of relationships.

The Guys Fishing Weekly is a podcast dedicated to the camaraderie of men through fishing. Hosted by Ed and Reid, it’s where men gather to share not just the thrill of the catch but the deeper connections forged on the water. Each episode dives into stories, tips, and interviews that celebrate the bonds between fishermen. From tales of early morning casts to arguing about the size of the one that got away, it’s a space for men to connect over shared passions and experiences. Whether you’re an experienced angler or just starting, here’s where you find your crew, united by the love of fishing.

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