Afuera Outdoors – The Future of Fishing, Community and Hitchhiking with a Fish on Ice (Ep. 18)

On Conservation: “If you love it, speak up for it because not a lot of people will. And the more people stay quiet about protecting something they love, the easier it’s going to be to take it away.”

On Sobriety: “I’m not chasing chaos anymore.”

“Tacos cure everything. That’s the Robitussin of our folk.”

– Joshua Torrez

Afuera Outdoors

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This week, Ed and Reid have a chat with Joshua Torrez, the founder of Afuera Outdoors. His organization aims to bring minorities, especially Latinos and indigenous communities, into the joy of outdoor activities.

Joshua is enthusiastic about promoting diversity in outdoor activities and giving back to the community. He shares his wonderful experiences in organizing events like fishing and skiing for kids, focusing on mentorship and sharing knowledge. One of his favorite community projects they put on is Dia de Pesca, where they provide fishing poles and arrange fun fishing events for families.

He also shares his personal love for fishing, which has been a bonding activity with his father and now with his daughter. He emphasizes the importance of introducing children to outdoor activities to help them connect with nature and develop new skills.

For Joshua, community is all about the blend of food, music, and people. He highlights the importance of protecting our environment and encourages everyone to stand up for what they believe in. His passion shines brightly and is truly infectious throughout the conversation.


  • Afuera Outdoors is dedicated to getting minorities, specifically Latinos and indigenous communities, involved in outdoor activities like fishing, hunting, and skiing.
  • Fishing is a bonding experience for boys and their fathers. Afuera Outdoors is focused on providing this same mentorship to kids and families across the country.
  • Afuera’s community projects, like Dia de Pesca and Ski Fiesta, provide equipment and experiences for everyone to go experience the great outdoors.
  • The importance of mentorship and providing opportunities for children who may not have access to outdoor activities. Getting the next generation into the outdoors is important for their development and well-being.
  • Community is built through shared experiences, such as food, music, and people coming together.
  • Conservation and protecting the environment are essential for preserving natural resources for future generations.

Links Noted in the Show:

Dia de Pesca (Website)

Ski Fiesta (Website Coming Soon)

Colorado Parks and Wildlife (Website)

Colorado Wildlife Federation (Website)

Denver Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (Website)

Huberman Labs (Podcast)

Fishing Locations Mentioned:

Conejos River

Arkansas River (Browns Canyon)

Clear Creek

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