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What Are Cold Days For?

The start to the year was brutally cold. I am guessing you don’t want me to remind you, as you are already enjoying the warmth that has now followed. But those were a tough few weeks to start the year. Now I am no negative-degree hero who went out fishing, but on days with a […]

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The “Knowledgeable” Fisherman

The concept of knowledge has long been a topic for debate. Those who have taken a Philosophy class are familiar with the intense discussions among philosophers, each striving to outsmart their peers. This intellectual pursuit continues to this day, from academic settings to corporate boardrooms, and even among outdoor enthusiasts. Consider a fly-fisherman, always trying

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Embracing True Friendship

As seen in our October 19, 2023 Newsletter – Subscribe Here I am lucky to call many people friends. It comes easier to me because of my extroverted tendencies. Management of relationships can get difficult. But for a lot of people, especially men, managing friendships is a chore. Perhaps it brings anxiety because they were never taught how

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Fish Noodle Soup for the Soul

As seen in our October 12, 2023 Newsletter – Subscribe Here I was listening to a podcast recently, interviewing the entrepreneur, athlete and life coach, Jesse Itzler, and it was chalk full of good information. But one of the biggest messages that spoke to me, was his way of building authentic relationships. Leading into this thought, he shared

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Inverted Thinking

One of the greatest investors and thinkers of our time, Charlie Munger, is probably the last thing you thought you would read about when it comes to fishing. But… here we are. Mr. Munger has been inspired by many people during his life, one of whom was mathematician Carl Jacobi, who he credits one of

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Class Clown

Welcome to my therapy session. Glad to have you here. I have been ruminating lately on something. Maybe it is my INFP coming through and giving the uncanny superpower of looking at something in the past and dissecting the 100s of scenarios over and over. I dunno. But here is my thought. Most of life

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Just Show Up

As seen in the August 31, 2023 GFWeekly – Subscribe Here Half of the beauty of GFW is the fact that it happens annually. It would likely be just as sweet if it was twice a year or even quarterly, but much more than that could defeat the purpose. It is something to look forward

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