Why Do It?

The Value in Campfire Chats

The campfire. To most campers, it is a vital symbol. A symbol of survival, as it provides warmth through heat. A symbol of community, as the chairs assemble around it. A symbol of bond, as the stories and chatter make their way around. The fire pit is the center of the campsite, around which, the […]

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Traditions & Connection

As seen in our July 27, 2023 Newsletter – Subscribe Here In and of itself, Guys Fishing Weekend (GFW) is a tradition. In my world, it ranks in the top two. I’m not sure anything beats the Xmas Holidays with my family, but GFW is not far behind. And one of the best parts about

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The “Time Out”

As first seen in The Guys Fishing Weekly – Subscribe Here Bottom of the ninth. Up 3-2 with one out, and my pitcher just walked two batters in a row. As the head coach, I gotta calm the kid’s nerves. It’s a no brainer…call “time out” and make a visit to the mound. The best

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Anything But Perfect

GFW has become one of the weekends we look forward to the most. And by we, I mean the 6 stalwarts and mainstays that now attend. To build this crew wasn’t an easy task, and it sure as hell didn’t just happen from the start. Like an incredible pizza dough, the “regulars” have been kneaded,

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Music. It’s a variable that can change an experience. My wife says I’m a music snob, but that stems from my true distaste of the pop country genre, which is in the regular rotation on her phone. I dig Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, and bluegrass; and on my lone trip to Nashville, the rockabilly house

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