Little Yellow Flowers

As seen in our September 28, 2023 Newsletter – Subscribe Here I recently went camping on BLM land just north of Creede, CO. My wife, daughter and two dogs accompanied me. We found a quaint little creekside fire ring and set up shop for two nights. My daughter is 2.5 years old, and this is her first outing […]

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There’s something they never tell you about when you become a parent. And even if they did, you can’t understand it’s full affect until you experience it. It’s the time when your child leaves the nest. Whether it comes because they are off to college or off to work a job in another state, it

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A Busy Day on the River

As featured in our August 17, 2023 Newsletter – Subscribe Here It was early spring time, with runoff just underway making the local rivers higher than normal, but not unfishable yet. This time of year can be a blast, as it affords you the opportunity to get into some great fish on streamers. Most fisherman

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It’s a term used to describe an intense craving, for a drug in its origins. Most people are familiar with it. Being a teacher, I still hear in all kinds of contexts from my middle school students, and I used to say it often growing up in South Florida. So it has stood the test

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A True Connection

As seen in our August 10, 2023 Newsletter – Subscribe Here Life is full of distractions. Never ending distractions. Phone notifications, corporate ‘work hours’ that these days seem to run seven days a week, sixteen hours a day. On top of that, juggling a family schedule and all those household chores that seem to melt

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I’m a Quitter

As first seen in The Guys Fishing Weekly – Subscribe Here I don’t want this to come off like you should just rush out and quit your job. In fact I think this takes a lot of deliberate thought and meditations. Quitting a job is no small feat. And even if you do think it

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Memory: Naked Cards

As seen in our July 13, 2023 Newsletter – Subscribe Here While the core group of guys has always been pretty much the same, having a new guy come each year seems to be pretty common. We have personally decided that six guys is about the perfect size. It is the best for playing most

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Our First “Boat Day”

As featured in our June 22nd Newsletter – Subscribe Here Grass roots, organic, home grown. These are all terms to describe a myriad of different things from vegetables and food to political ideology. Terms seemingly overused to inspire health, thought and originality. But there is real value in these terms when it comes to Guys

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We come to this sport for the fish, so we tell ourselves. We stay for the ladies. I think that is how the saying goes. Ah who we kidding, we stay so the ladies can’t give us more honey-do’s. I came to the sport for the camaraderie. I started fishing as a kid, and it

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Rigging Up

There are little moments in every fishing trip with buddies that are special. Many of them are taken for granted. The car rides, where many of the best conversations are had. The snack breaks on the side of the river. The hike in to the spot. And in some cases the camping on the way

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